Current Activities

From 28 March to 11 August 2024, the Out of focus exhibition will open to the public, presenting the last ten years of photographic research by the artist Patrick Mimran through 30 unpublished photographs never exhibited in Italy.

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore
(The photography rooms)
30133 Venice


Recording of Endless the first piece of music in an upcoming series whose purpose is not to have a particular function such as to make people dance or to please a defined audience. it's just a snapshot of a state of mind at time X with no starting point and no particular end point, no anchoring.

Photaumnales XXth Edition
September 2022
Photography group show 



Represented by Haute-Rive Contemporary click to see what's available for sale 

Worked on new paintings Mazes, Recent paintings, Landscapes

NFTON  the nft market place 

And Duckdive incarnations visit DuckDive web site 


Photaumnales Flux 17th edition

Musée départemental de la haute-garonne Beauvais oise France

"Parking no parking" Sept 2020-Jan 2021

Creating and Designing applications for smart phones and computers

Release of my last set of compositions for piano

"Entrée de service"


"Sortie de secours"


New Electronic music project

2021 - 2020

Release and promotion of
Iphone and Android

Bitter World
Turn bitter into better





2019 - 2018

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